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Scuba Servicing

Just like any other piece of sports equipment, regular scuba servicing should take a natural part in your diving experience, ensuring that your dive kit works well, will last for years and giving you peace of mind whilst you are diving.

Diverse Scuba provide a full time servicing option for all of your scuba diving equipment with competitive prices and the high quality customer service that you have come to expect from Diverse Scuba

Our fully equipped servicing room allows us to offer you on-site servicing with an excellent turnaround time that is second to none providing all our existing divers a scheduled servicing option for all their diving equipment.

Discounts are available for clubs or schools who would like to service a number of regulators or BCD`s in one go. Please contact us for details.



All regulators require annual servicing to keep them working safely and to comply with the manufacturers warranty. Failure to service your regulators can drastically reduce both the effectiveness and working life of the regulator. It may also increase the servicing costs.


Cressi Main Dealer and Service Center

also servicing

Apeks and Aqua Lung

Please contact us for all other brands



UK regulations state that scuba cylinders should have a visual inspection every 2.5 years and a hydrostatic test every 5 years. They must also display a green triangle and “breathing air” markings. Please note that it is now mandatory to have your cylinder valve serviced when getting your cylinder tested.

If cylinders are used by “divers at work” (i.e. Divemasters and above) they must also have black/white quadrants painted on the collar.

We offer the following cylinder services (incl. Inspection sticker)

  • Cylinder test (visual)
  • Cylinder test (Hydrostatic) incl. Valve Kit being fitted
  • Oxygen clean (Old Cylinder)
  • Shot Blasting Painted (Black/White Quads)


Dry Suits

Your dry suit is one of the most expensive pieces of diving equipment you have purchased. You should continue to maintain this in good working order to enjoy trouble free dry suit diving.

Dry suits are notorious for their cuffs, dumps, seals and zips deteriorating over time. We specialise in their replacement to keep your suit in excellent working order.

Dry suit repairs: ( Please contact us for prices)

  • Cuff Replacement (Latex)
  • Cuff Replacement(Neoprene)
  • Neck Replacement (Latex)
  • Neck Replacement(Neoprene)
  • Boot Replacement(Trilaminate suit)
  • Boot Replacement(Neoprene Suit)
  • Leak repairs
  • Additional zips
  • Additional dumps



It is recommended that you have your BCD serviced on an annual basis and we can service any make or model of BCD with all standard parts covered, o-rings, dump valves, etc. However replacement hoses, inflators, etc are charged on top if required.

The BCD inflator will be stripped down to the key parts and placed in the ultrasonic cleaner. All o-rings will be replaced and the BCD bladder cleaned with a cleaning agent. We will also check all clips and adjusters.


Dive Computers

We can change the batteries in most popular makes and models of dive computers.

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