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Seal Team

Seal Team
Seal Team

Become a PADI Seal Age 8+

The Aqua Missions are an exciting underwater activity filled introduction into diving, which give children the chance to experience the adventure of diving.

Through the Aqua Missions the children will develop skills and learn about the aquatic realm as well as have a lot of fun. Once Aqua Missions 1-5 have been completed the child will be awarded the PADI Seal Team Certification. They will get a card and a wall certificate, to say they have completed the PADI Seal Team.

SEAL TEAM – 2022
All Courses start prompt on Saturdays at 2pm

Seal Team
March 19th, 26th, April 2nd, 9th and 23rd

Master Seals


Become a PADI Master Seal

PADI Seals can continue the fun and exploration by becoming a Master Seal. To become a Master Seal the Seal must complete a further 10 Speciality AquaMissions. During these Specialty Aqua Missions the Seals will learn how to perform additional skills and face new challenges in different underwater speciality areas.

Each of the Specialty Aqua Missions introduces the Seals to a new challenges and new ways to have fun underwater. The Seals will get the chance to visit an underwater wreck, search for and recover lost items, get to feel what it is like in outer space, dive at night and take underwater pictures.


What is involved in the AquaMissions?

At the beginning of the Seal team sessions the child will be given a log book, activity book and asked to watch a video. The log book contains space to write in the details for each of the dives on the Seal Team. In the activity book there are challenge questions to make sure that the necessary knowledge has been absorbed. The Seal Team video has information on all of the AquaMissions and should be watched before the first AquaMission.


Speciality Aqua Missions

To gain the Master Seal Team certification a PADI Seal must complete an additional 10 speciality AquaMissions. A Mater Seal Team member has proved they have experience in a wide variety of underwater experiences.

  • Creature ID
  • Environmental
  • Inner Space
  • Navigation
  • Night
  • Safety
  • Search and Recovery
  • Snapshot
  • Wreck
  • Skin Diver

These Speciality Aqua Missions do not have to be completed in any set order. They all have sections in the Seal Team activity book and there is space in the log book to log each of the dives, with space for the Seal to write in about the adventure they have on each of these dives.

Once 10 Speciality AquaMissions have been completed the Master Seal Team member certification will be awarded. This shows a level of skill and knowledge far exceeding the regular Seal Team members. A Master Seal will have completed a minimum of 15 dives and will have had fun while diving in specialist areas. They will also have some underwater photos of themselves!

If you wish to make a booking please contact us or feel free to call in to the dive centre for a chat.

telephone 01375 892 444

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